Friday, May 16, 2014

Re-discovered this blog I had and had somehow forgotten I had! However, the clock says it time to head off to work so I can support my habit of living on this planet! I shall soon return with thoughts and observations!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sarah and Nathan

A picture I took of my kids playing a online game on the laptop. It just makes me smile when I se them enjoying each others company, which is quite often!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah's Japan Photo's

Just a few of the many photo's that my daughter, Sarah took in Japan during her stay there in June. There is a story behind each photo which I will go into at a later date.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sarah in Japan

Sarah has been in Japan for a week now and is having the time of her life! We didn't hear from her for almost a week, but finally did last Monday. She really enjoyed the couple she stayed with in the first town. She also had a host sister who she really got along with and showed her a lot of the town and about the history of it to that she was in. They also helped each other out with each others language. She tried some sushi, specifically eel and octopus. She didn't much for either one, but at least she tried it. Sarah also got to wear a kimono which she said fit very tight but was fun, she also wore the traditional makeup that goes with it. She is now with her second family in the second city she is visiting who are a little more traditional, so she is having to deal with that a little bit.

Have to admit we were sitting on pins and needles for awhile until we finally heard from her, you know, typical parent worries. But, in short we a so glad that she is enjoying the experience in Japan!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sarah's Trip

My daughter, Sarah is on her way to Japan this very moment. I am very excited for her and this opportunity to experience life in another country. She will be gone for 18 days. For me that will seem a very long time, but you have to let go at some point. I will be posting pictures of her adventure as she sends them to Cathi and I.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


My birthday is coming around again and I have to admit that I am still dealing with the idea that I am actually a half century old now, plus one in a few days. The whole concept is very weird to me. Not sure why, could be that I am not quite where I thought I would be career wise or that I have as much grey hair as I do, well at least I still have hair! I don't quite have the energy as I did when I was younger, but I think I do pretty well at keeping up the pace. And, there's the fact that my body is "older" too. I won't go into the "fun" medical stuff I have been dealing with since I have covered that "stuff" in previous entries.

What's been fun, but amazing to me, is that I have been reconnecting with people that were special to me many years ago, we're talking 20 to 33 years ago, which makes me wonder, where did the time go? I know, very cliche, but true! But, it is fun to reconnect with these friends that I thought I would never hear from again.

Well, even though it is odd to me to be my age, and given the challenges of late, life is good and getting better. Cheers everyone!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Old time rock and roll?

So, I came up with this quiz today to have some fun at the morning meeting at work today. Now, the majority of the people at the meeting were of the age group that could of known. So, the question that they had a hard time was "What song did George Harrison write and record and was sued for plagiarism?" Tick toc, Tick toc,Tick toc,Tick toc,.........MY SWEET LORD. He was accused by The Chiffons for copying the melody of their song "He's so Fine". And, who could not recall when John Lennon appeared for a whole week on The Mike Douglas Show??? Am I really getting old????? Someone please tell me........