Thursday, February 19, 2009

I survived!

It's done! I survived the colonoscopy! The anticipation was worst than the actual procedure. I have absolutely no memory of it at all. The last thing I remember is the nurse asking me to turn to my side and then waking up back in the prep room where I started. They did find one small polyp which they removed and will look at. It will be at least 5 years before I have to go through this again, and I can wait!

Afterwards I had Chinese food for lunch, and was it good! Tonight, its hamburgers and fries for dinner! Nice big juicy ones made at home! And, I will probably have a nice big ale to go with dinner too.

Today's the day!

I survived the "cleansing" process yesterday (and last night), and it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Today is the actual procedure, I have to be at the hospital at 11am this morning to be prep and the colonoscopy is schedule for 1pm. I keep wondering "Why does it take two hours to prep me?" Guess I will find out shortly. All in all much of the fear has left me, I am now not so worried about going through with the procedure as I have been the past month.
After all, they tell me that I will not be aware of what is going on because they will have me totally sedated. Probably a good thing!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cleansing Time

I have begun the regiment of cleansing in the form of pills and liquid. This morning I started the liquid diet today and will not be able to eat solid foods until after the procedure which will be late Thursday afternoon. Chicken broth is sooo good, yum! Those brownies on our kitchen counter that Cathi made the other night look REALLY good about now. Not to mention a hamburger from either 5 Guys or McMenamins. It's amazing the cravings you get when you are told you can't have something and how much you want them!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ReLaxing Time

Boy, middle age is fun! Last week I had a cyst removed from my back after going to see my doctor for my yearly exam. Now, since I have turned 50 he informed me that it was time for my first colonoscopy, and he said this with a little too much glee for me. Tomorrow, I start my laxative regiment, which I am told is the worst part of the whole experience, I certainly hope so! And, then the day after tomorrow I go in for the actual thing! They are sending me to the hospital for this experience since I have sleep apnea, I get special treatment when they put me under. So, yes, this is what I do for fun on my days off!