Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend and stuff?

So, what is a weekend? Those of us in retail don't get the luxury of having a "weekend". Well, I do get one (weekend) every third week of the year courtesy of the company I work for. Could be worst, I suppose.

Cathi rearranged the upstairs living room. And, I actually like it! Very appropriate to having company over. Tim and Karen are you listening? Time for Happy Hour!

Changing subjects, Nathan is actually cleaning the kitchen! And, I didn't even ask! Totally amazing! Sarah is in the shower, she always helps out when we ask her and is very concerned about her parents well being. So is Nathan in a more quiet way.

Today I took Sarah to get her passport pictures today for her passport which we still need to order. She is going to Japan this summer for three weeks, and is very excited about it. She will be traveling with some friends from both Eugene and Beaverton Oregon which will be good for her.

Nathan is still heavily into computer and movie making stuff. Which he really excels at. Now, if we could only get him to be that into his other subjects at school it would be a perfect world!

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