Saturday, March 28, 2009


Again, I am up after a short nights sleep. I have an appointment on my next day off to see if I am a candidate for the Sleep Clinic. Pretty sure I am, at least my doctors are pretty convinced I am. Hope so, would be nice to eventually to actually sleep a full night and awake fully refresh instead still tired as I do now. Cathi went through the sleep clinic and we are awaiting the results and possible remedies for her sleep ailments. Hopefully, insurance will cover it all, we have amassed a large amount of bills to the Portland Clinic in procedures not covered 100% by our insurance. The cost of living a healthy fulfilled life I supposed. I always thought one had insurance to cover ALL of ones medical requirements. Used to, guess not anymore.

On the battle with the tufts of cat hair and the wood floor we received a new weapon via Fed-X yesterday! It is a 30 foot hose with extensions and attachments to connect to our built-in vacuum system! So we can suck up the hair of our two long haired cats instead of attempting to sweep it up, which is never very successful. Oh, happy days!

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