Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MRI and ..........stuff

Today, I had the pleasure of experiencing a MRI. Was a experience I am none to excited to repeat again for a long time if ever! Took all my courage to endure the 20 minutes of being in the "tube" with the very loud hammering and clicking noises the machine makes while taking pictures of, in my case, my back. Hopefully, this will help the doctor prescribe a remedy so I can lay off the many Advil I take to endure the time I spend on my feet.

So, on a less medical note, I now am on Twitter! So, if any of you care to follow or trade comments, feel free to look me up! Um, that is a "Is there anybody out there (reading this)" thought.

Other than that, I spent the day, starting, to organize our rather apparently massive cd/dvd collection. Never realized we had so many until I took on this project.

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