Thursday, January 15, 2009

A good day (in the life)!

Today was a good day! Got up, the sun was bright and the sky was clear. Granted it was on the cool side, about 30 degrees, but it did manage to warm up to about 50 degrees or so. Had a good meeting with the doctor this first thing this morning, just have to undergo a "of age" test and use a little medical assistance to keep the ole circulatory system from blowing a gasket, other than that the last thing he said to me was "You're good for another 50,000 miles" which was good to hear. After fasting for the appointment, I was ready for and treated myself to my favorite sandwich, pastrami and swiss cheese on rye! Oh, enjoyed it while watching good ol' Perry Mason! That show has been in syndication forever it seems and never appears dated (at least to me). And, I rarely can remember "who did it" no matter how many times I have seen the episode.

I picked up Sarah from school and let her take over the driving of which she its getting increasingly better at. She drove us to Cost Plus, so I could pick up a couple of bottles of Cathi's and my favorite German Riesling, we then walked to the neighboring Starbucks for latte and tea. From there it was to the local bookstore, to see if anything interesting had come out that we couldn't live without, we came out empty handed. Then, she drove us to pick up Nathan from school, who boarded the bus and didn't check his phone for our repeated calls and texts telling him we were there to pick him up. Well, he beat us home anyway.

Now, I am listening to Mozart while I finish up this blog entry, reflecting on the day, with a smile. And, remember, in the words of Warren Zevon, "Enjoy every sandwich"!

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