Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Learning to drive.

My daughter has now had her learners permit to learn how to drive for some time now. She was never very interested in it until my wife refused to take her anywhere one weekend and a good friend, her same age, took them to dinner for her birthday and drove them which she thought was really cool. No parents to rely on. She has done really well and only had a couple of small and humorous incidents with the car. She has recently gotten comfortable with the car and its handling (or lack of) abilities and even commented that I should get a new car so she could have mine. "Yeah, when I win the lottery" was my response! It's kinda fun to have another driver to chauffeur us around and to teach her too! The other emotion is that she is rapidly growing up!

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  1. Go Sarah Go! Great Blog... I will check in often! Love to all from Emily