Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My day, kids and grandparents.

So, another day has passed. A rather uneventful one, except for one small blip which is a blip that is not too uncommon within the company that I am employed by. I did get a little worked up about this blip until I discussed this with my wife and she told me this was not unusual. Other then that it was just another day for me. My children spent the day with my parents, which is cool that they still want to. My son got to spend time with my Dad and his cousin who is a ham radio operator, sorta a precursor to the Internet in a way. He was really was fascinated by it and actually got to talk to another ham radio operator in Idaho. My daughter went shopping with my Mom which they both enjoy doing. Then they took them to their favorite restaurants for lunch, while I got to enjoy a peanut butter and jam sandwich for lunch. Well, I am glad the kids still like to spend time with their grandparents and I know the grandparents appreciate that too.

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